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As the whole world turned upside down, so will the carnival! Before, the carnival was moving and people were watching it.
Now – people will move and the carnival will watch! It will be static but alive, interactive and throughout the day. It will start at Orlovets Sports Hall and the House of Humor along the riverside and river spaces passing the Theater, the Garden with the Bear up to Vazrazhdane Square. It’s easy, just follow the cat’s path.

Most of the carnival installations are already known, and some of them have even been made.

We launch a red Ferrari and Borisov’s SUV on the track.
We train online, we vaccinate.
We participate in European life through green deals.
Then comes the NIGHT…
… At night there will be a great concert, as every year. And we continue on Sunday with even more events for those who had a little in the previous days.

And now seriously. Whatever the situation, wear masks.