Competition during lockdown – most attractive carnival balcony, carnival family, carnival pet!

The Organizer – Municipality of Gabrovo announced a CONTEST during the isolation period in three categories

  1. For the most carnival, cheerful and colorful balcony, yard, window;
  2. The best disguised family;
  3. For a carnival pet, which / traditionally / is a cat, looks like a cat or wants to be a cat, and is sympathetic to the carnival spirit at home.

You can send your carnival oasis Photos or video from 11th May to 18th May on Facebook with hashtag # Gabrovo2020 or by email

The winners will be chosen by voting on the Facebook page of the Carnival – Carnival Gabrovo @ Сarnival.Gabrovo


The jury adjudicate three prizes:

  1. Category 1 for the most attractive carnival balcony – 250 euros;
  2. Category 2 – for the most attractive carnival family – 250 euro;
  3. Category 3 – for the most attractive carnival pet – food and accessories, according to the breed of the animal.

Our expectations

Attractive carnival idea and quality photo. / Just like for a competitionJ/

Carnival idea, spirit and color. / It’s like we’re in the square, but without a square. /

Family planning and teamwork.

Our aim:

Let’s elevate the spirits of the neighbors, of Bulgaria, of the whole World!

To defend the crown as we are famous as the world Capital of Humor and satire.

Despite everything we will have our annual CARNIVAL.

To create something memorable and unique.

Only now, only this year, everybody has the chance to be the DIRECTOR of the GABROVIAN CARNIVAL!

Let’s have a great time on May 16, as we had planned! / And more precisely in the time between 19-21h./

Attention! The contest is open for all balconies, terraces, windows, from any city, from the whole world, BUT WE DON’T WELCOME AND ACCEPT VISITORS AND GUESTS! WE STAY AT HOME, ON THE BALCONIES!


If you want to take part in the carnival streaming, send us balconies, costumes and pets on May 16th from 19-21h with the hash tag # Gabrovo2020. If you are one of the calmer fans – you have a whole week at your disposal – May 11th -18th. You can participate in all three categories. Voting is on the carnival’s Facebook page. The one who collects the most thumbs wins.

# Gabrovo2020, 19-21 h., May 16th