Favorite songs for loved people

Another year together with BG RADIO and Nasko Stoyanov in Gabrovo. From 15th to 20th May, every night, between 17 and 20 p.m., live from the Capital of Humor – Gabrovo, Nasko will take care of all the musical greetings with the best Bulgarian songs. Special guest – Nikolo Kotsev – “Kikimora”, the actors Stanimir Gamov, Stefan Ryadkov, Ivan Petrushinov and the TV host Diana Lyubenova.They will share with us the funniest gabrovian story and their experience.The Mayor Tanya Hristova and Ivan Minchev – The director of the traditional Carnival will reveal all the secrets or not about the organization of the Carnival and the accompanying events. On 20th May, Simo, Bogi, Laura and Desi from BG RADIO will join the celebration as a leading voices. The concert this evening is “The Stars of BG RADIO under the Stars of Gabrovo” and the special guests are  Pavell & Venci Venc ‘, Grafa, Michaela Fileva, Upsurt and B.T.R.

Gabrovo festival will last for a whole week, the program includes many concerts, theater performances, sports competitions and a light – mapping show. More information about all events can be found on www.bgradio.bg, on the official site of Gabrovo Municipality http://www.gabrovo.bg and on the website of Carnaval Gabrovo 2017 http://www.carnival.gabrovo.bg.