Contest regulations

How to participate in Carnival Gabrovo 2017
“Da izkukurigame ot smyah”
The Organizer – Municipality of Gabrovo

How to participate


1. Within the Carnival 2017 in Gabrovo, there will be held on 20th May a contest for participation by personal initiative, other than the main script, in the following categories:
  •  Small group – must not exceed 5 members;
  •  Middle group – must not exceed 10 members;
  •  Large group – more than 10 members.
2. The contest is open for all comers, without restrictions of age, gender, address registration, if they meet the below mentioned conditions.
3.According to the annual theme/motto of the Carnival the competitors present a vivant in the following categories: satire, politics, economics, humorous, musical and dance pictures, historical and fabulous characters and more;
4. The groups should send their application form by 2 May, 2017;
5. The Organizers set up a selection committee;
6. The competitors should send:  a brief annotation of the main concept, photos, videos, e-mail addresses /in their opinion and if applicable/;
7. The Organizing Committee will send confirmation to the approved groups or deny no later than 10th  May, 2017;
8. All groups will bear their costs;
9. Gabrovo Municipality assists the contest groups for accommodation and meals at preferential prices /with prior request/;
10. The Organizing committee defines a jury for assessment of contestants;
11. The groups march in the procession in the order they have applied, in a special detached partition “Contest’’;
12. Evaluation criteria:
  • Ingenious script, sequencing, ‘’dialogue’’ with the audience;
  • Artistic attendance – lifelike images, impactful facial expressions and dialogue gestures performance, filling the carnival trace with dances and music;
  • Integral group performance – funny, artistic and attractive performance of the main conception;
  • Staging – set design /attractive model, platform, requisite, costumes and fancy dresses, greasepaint, choreography, sound recording/.
13. Other participants who wish to take part in the carnival, out of the contest context, also observe the procedure and notify the Organizers by submitting an application and a brief performing annotation, observing explicitly mentioned terms and state their unwillingness for participation in the contest.


1. Each group receives a certificate of participation.
2. The jury adjudicates four prizes:

  • one in each of the three categories, reserving the right not to award or award a encouraging prize up to 300 leva.
  •  on-line voting  audience award by 5.00 pm, May 21 th, 2017 –

3. Money prize:

  • Small group – must not exceed 5 members – 500 BGN;
  • Middle group – must not exceed 10 members – 1300 BGN;
  • Large group – more than 10 members – 2200 BGN;
  • Audience award – surprise from Gabrovo.

4. The awards are announced on May 22.




1. Gabrovo Municipality has the right to make and use the carnival audio, video and photo documentation for personal purposes, without any obligations.

2. Parade participation is automatically considered as an agreement to be filmed.