Gabrovo – my little Brussels


May 17 th /Thursday/
9.00 Holding a thanksgiving service
The church “Assumption of St. Mary”
9.30 Raising the city flag
“Vazrazhdane” Square
16.00 “My sweet Gabrovo” – an exhibition opening
Terra Mall – commercial entertainment center
17.30 Official Session of the City Council – Gabrovo
Gabrovo municipality Ritual Hall


18.30 Big Band Parade
“Vazrazhdane” Square


May 14 – 18 th


International Festival of one actor Performance, BGMOT 2018 – the program of the Festival


May 18th/Friday/
18.00 Street marionette dancing show “Cabaret on Strings”.– “Soulmate”  and Georgi Gadelev
Park with  the Bear (Gradinkata s mecheto)
19.00 To Dance with Pambos! – an open  salsa lesson with Pambos Agapiuo and Los Pambos show program
21.00 Del Padre – live concert
Vazrazhdane Square – open stage
May 19 th /Saturday/
10.00 National Children’s Festival “SMEHORANCHETA”
“Vazrazhdane” Hall
10.00 Opening  a Children Biennial 2018 “In Carnival world”
Museum “House of Humor and Satire”
11.00 Dani Belev, “QUICK HANDS Project” perform “A flying balloon stunt”
Aprilov Stadium
11.00 – 14.00  International Carving Festival of Laughter
“Vazrazhdane” hall /in front of the hall/
11.30 National exhibition  and Carnival-cat review
Orlovetz Sport Hall
13.30 – 14.30 – Firebirds /Hungary/  presents the stilt show „Stilt Walkers“
“Radetzka str., ”“Aprilov” Blvd, Park with the Bear (Gradinkata s mecheto)
14.00  Children’s Mini Carnival
Gabrovo Mall – garden
14.30 – 17.00 Carnival make-up workshops
“Vazrazhdane” hall /in front of the hall/
14.45 – Street marionette dancing show “Cabaret on Strings”.– “Soulmate”  and Georgi Gadelev
15.30 – “Steam On” –  Firebirds (Hungary) – circus show
16.15 – Cirque de la LyuLin and Diego Contreras (Venezuela)
Park with  the Bear (Gradinkata s mecheto)
Part I – Children Carnival
Route:“Vazrazhdane” Square, Skobelevska Str., the junction to the “Yoke bridge”
Intermission – 10 min.
Part II – Carnival Invasion
Route: “Aprilov” Blvd., “Vazrazhdane” Square, Skobelevska Str., “Bryanska” Str., The roundabout junction of the Consultative Polyclinic.
20.30 – 24.0019.30 – 00.00 ‘’Night in the museum’’
Regional Historical museum – Gabrovo
OPEN STAGE /“Vazrazhdane” Square/
20.30 – „JEREMY?“ – concert
22.00 – 3D mapping and illuminations
22.20 – Bobby Kimball – the very best of the rock band  “TOTO”
23.50 –  DJ party with David Penn
May 20 th /Sunday/
 11.00 ч. – 14.00International Carving Festival of Laughter
“Vazrazhdane” hall /in front of the hall/
11.00 – 16.00 – Carnival after ruction /every hour/
Ethnographic open-air museum Etar
19.00 – Jeny Jo and Ivan Stoyanov concert / participants in “Voice of Bulgaria 2018″/
Vazrazhdane Square – open stage
21.00 – Theatre of fire and shadows “Fireter” – fire show, stilts show, fire performance, stilts performance, jumping stilts, fire juggling, fire installations, live statues
Vazrazhdane Square