Carving Laughter Festival – Gabrovo 2017

How Gabrovo humor provokes the imagination of carving specialists will be known on May 21, the day after the Carnival. The Capital of Humor will host the first and the only Carving Laughter Festival this year, with the ambition to turn the event into a traditional one. The competition of one-meter statues of engraved fruits and vegetables will come to smile us or literally to make us laugh, while a strictly competent jury will appreciate the masterful performance according to preliminary criteria. The jury itself will also be under close supervision – Ivan Manchev – a favorite TV star and a coryphaeus in the kitchen. The organizers still kept in secret the participants and the jury, but with a smile and also seriously assure us that there will be no nightmares. For sure there will be humor, masterpieces, beauty, inspiration and memorable emotions. For those whose curiosity has already been provoked, let them mark on their calendar: May 21, busy!