International Festival of...

International Festival of Humour and Satire 15-21 MAY

May 15 – 19

X International Festival of Comedy Performance

Organizer: Drama Theatre “Racho Stoyanov”

May 15th

18.00 “ Бягай – идва жена ти ” – Trayko Prokopiev Theatre – Kumanovo, Macedonia

Drama Theatre “Racho Stoyanov”

21.00  “Мнимият болен” – by Moliere, directed by Nikolay Urumov, featuring Nikolay Urumov, a performance of Drama Theatre “Racho Stoyanov”- Gabrovo

Place: National Aprilov High School

May 16th

17.30 An exhibition dedicated to the feast of the town with  Gabrovo Municipality award

Art Gallery “Hristo Tsokev”

18.00 “And You, Norman” – author Ron Clark/Sam Bobrick, performance of Zoran Radmilovic Theatre – Zaječar, Serbia

Drama Theatre “Racho Stoyanov”

20.00 “Болница накрай света” by Hristo Boychev, with Filip Avramov, Ivan Petrushinov, Alexander Doinov, Ivan Lechev, performance of Small Town Theatre “Зад канала”

House of Culture “Emanuil Manolov”


May 17

9.30 Church ceremony

10.00 Raising the flag of the city

“Vazrazhdane” Square

11.00 Special greeting from Gabrovo Orchestra

Radetzka Str.- open stage

17.30 Official Session of the City Council – Gabrovo

National Aprilov High School yard (or “Vazrazhdane” Hall – in bad weather)

18.00 “Сънища и мечти”  – Al. Ostrovsky play, Germany –  Theatre “Russian Stage”Drama Theatre “Racho Stoyanov”

20.00 “Семеен албум”, directed by Malin Krastev, with Gerasim Georgiev – Gero, Vladimir Penev, performance of Youth Theatre “Nikolai Binev”House of Culture “Emanuil Manolov”


 May 18th

15.00 National Children’s Assembly “Festive touches color and silk”

Interactive Museum of Industry yard

18.00 “Приказка за скитника-крал” by K. Chapek, directed by Katya Petrova, with Rumen Gavanozov, Stanimir Gamov, Rumen Ugrinski, performance of Sofia Puppet TheatreDrama Theatre “Racho Stoyanov”

18.00  “Stars in Advance” recital, music school of Radoslav and Vanya Talevi

Radetzka Street – open stage

19.00  Gabrovo Orchestra recital – pop and jazz music

“Radetzka” str. –  open stage

20.00 “Госпожа Министершата” from Br. Nusic, directed by Nedyalko Delchev, P. Mitev, with Lilia Maravilia, performance of “Sofia’ Theatre

House of Culture “Emanuil Manolov”

20:20 3D Mapping – Silk paintings come to life

Interactive Museum of Industry 

May 19th

18.00 “Името” by M. Delaport and Al. Pateller, staging Zdravko Mitkov, with Mihail Bilalov, Nikolay Urumov, Anna Valchanova, performance of Satiric Theatre “Aleko Konstantinov”

Drama Theatre “Racho Stoyanov”

18:00 – 19:00 Street carnival performance – Fire Theatre Mime Company (Sofia, Bulgaria)(Association “Public Committee” Vasil Levski ” project “6fest”, financed by Gabrovo Municipality Culture Program.)

In front of Museum “House of Humor and Satire”

19.00 Opening of the 23rd International Biennale of Humor and Satire in the Arts and Curator’s Exhibition of Modern Visual Arts by Marko Stamenkovit “To Die With Laughter” (Museum “House of Humor and Satire” project, financed by the Culture Program of Gabrovo Municipality.)

Museum “House of Humor and Satire”

20.00 “Жена ми се казва Борис” by Rafi Shart, director Vl. Alexandrov, with Stanimir Gamov, Rumen Ugrinski, Stefan Riadkov, Ernestina Shinova, Diana Lyubenova, Petko Petkov – Шайбата, performance of “Konstantin Velichkov” Theatre – Pazardzhik

House of Culture “Emanuil Manolov”  

“Vazrazhdane” Square – open stage:

20.00 Nikolo Kotsev and “Kikimora” band – rock concert

22.00 “Carnival light” – a light show (“Factory” Association project financed by Gabrovo Municipality Culture Program.)      

 May 20 Carnival day 

10.00 National Children’s Festival “СМЕХОРАНЧЕТА”

“Vazrazhdane” Hall

10:00 – 11:30 Carnival workshop – Fire Theatre Mime Company
 (“Vassil Levski” Community Committee project “6fest”, financed by Gabrovo Municipality Culture Program)

In front of Sport hall “Orlovets”

11.30 Carnival-cat review  – National exhibition

Orlovetz Sport Hall

14.00 Big Band Parade

“Radetzka”  – open stage

14.00 Children’s Mini Carnival

Mall of Gabrovo – garden

14.00 – 17.00 Carnival make-up workshops

In front of Regional Library “Aprilov-Palauzov”

14:00 – 18:00 Live statue performance – Ashton Ka (Belgium, Bulgaria)

Igoto bridge (Most Igoto), Shesti uchastak quarter, Baev bridge (Baev most)

 (“Vassil Levski” Community Committee project “6fest”, financed by Gabrovo Municipality Culture Program)

14.30 – 15.15 Comic monospectacle “Surfing the street ” – Tio Teo (Spain)

Park with Bear (Gradinkata s mecheto)

15:30 – 16:15  Circus show „Poco Loco“ – Cirque de la LyuLin (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Park with Bear (Gradinkata s mecheto)

16:30 – 17:15  Comic circus show – „The Kuku Brothers“ (Venezuela)

Park with Bear (Gradinkata s mecheto)

 18.00 Carnival Parade

“Aprilov” Blvd., “Vazrazhdane” Square, Skobelevska Str., “Bryanska” Str., The roundabout junction of the Consultative Polyclinic.

19.30 – 00.00 ‘’Night in the museum’’

Historical museum Gabrovo

 “Vazrazhdane” Square – open stage

19.30 BG Radio stars under the Stars of Gabrovo – a concert featuring Pavell & Venci Venc, Grafa, Michaela Fileva, Upsurt

22:45 – 23:10 Light show ”Light it UP” – Cirque de la LyuLin

Vazrazhdane Square

 (“Vassil Levski” Community Committee project “6fest”, financed by Gabrovo Municipality Culture Program)

23.10 3D mapping and illuminations

23.30 B.T.R. concert

00.30 DJ party with Ahmet Kilic and Steven Achicor – vocals


  MAY 21

9.00  Gabrovo Challenge – Extreme Cycling

Badajar Park – Stairs of the Summer Theatre


Museum “House of Humor and Satire”

11.00 “Облачна приказка”

State Puppet Theatre – Gabrovo

11.00 – 14.00 Carving Festival of Laughter – Balkan Competition

“Vazrazhdane” hall

11.30 Awarding the winners of the National Competition “Bostan Scarecrow”

Ethnographic open-air museum Etar

11.30 – 13:15 Circus workshop – Cirque de la LyuLin

In front of Interactive Museum of Industry Gabrovo(“Vassil Levski” Community Committee project “6fest”, financed by Gabrovo Municipality Culture Program)

18:30 – 21:30 Music magician (mobile show) – Theatre of fire and shadows Fireter (Sofia, Bulgaria) (“Vassil Levski” Community Committee project “6fest”, financed by Gabrovo Municipality Culture Program).

The show starts at House of humour and satire and goes on towards ul. Avram Gachev – ul. Radetska –  ul. Aprilovska – Vazrazhdane Square

“Vazrazhdane” Square – open stage

20.00 Stefan Valdobrev and The usual suspects concert

21:30 – 22:00 Stilts fire show  – Theatre of fire and shadows Fireter

Vazrazhdane Square(“Vassil Levski” Community Committee project “6fest”, financed by Gabrovo Municipality Culture Program)

 22.00 3D Mapping