World famous chocolate maker Martin Chiffers will show his art in Gabrovo

Martin Chiffers is a real renaissance man on the British food chocolate scene. Pastry chef consultant, president of the UK pastry team, pastry coach, owner of a pastry shop in Tokyo, food photographer, web and graphic designer …
He has many gold medals, from international culinary competitions in the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, America, Singapore, Dubai, the Culinary Olympics in Luxembourg.
The pastry chef creates the World’s Most Extravagant Chocolate Easter Bunny. The luxury chocolate rabbit has been hand carved and the eyes have an unprecedented sparkle thanks to two solitaire diamonds nestled into the chocolate. The diamonds are from luxury jeweller 77 Diamonds who possess the largest selection of diamonds in the world. The life-size bunny measures approximately 38cm high and Martin Chiffers has excelled in carving a solid piece of luxurious Cacao Barry 75% Tanzania Origin chocolate into a beautiful bunny for the whole family to enjoy. The sumptuous sculpture weighs in at approximately 5 kilograms. The creative chocolate carving took two days to make and is extremely labour-intensive, Martin has worked diligently to ensure that the bunny is truly a one-of-a-kind Easter delight. Detailing includes three solid chocolate eggs at the foot of the bunny that are decorated with gold leaf.
Chiffers himself has 32 years of experience in the culinary industry and his own product brands.
The world famous chocolatier will be in Gabrovo as a guest at the International Carving Festival of Laughter, which takes place on 19th – 20th May.
One day earlier, on May 18th, at 17.30 at the Soprano Club, Martin Schiffers will have his own sculpting chocolate demonstration. Admission free.
He will be a honor guest of the Carving Festival on 19th  and 20th   May and we have a special challenge for him. We look forward to see how he will handle the incredible Gabrovian chocolate.
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