BANDALOOP in Gabrovo

A pioneer in vertical dance performance, BANDALOOP weaves dynamic physicality, intricate choreography and the art of climbing to turn the dance floor on its side — performing on theaters, museums, skyscrapers, bridges, billboards and historical sites, and on the sides of cliffs.

“They say what we do is death-defying. I’d say it’s life-affirming.”
— Amelia Rudolf, Founder/Artistic Director


The date is 18th May, the place is Vazrazhdane” square!


Come and enjoy!

Reality show The Farm comes to Gabrovo

For those who sleep quickly after the carnival day we have also prepared surprises. From 11:00 to 15:00 on 19 May, the fans of the reality show The Farm, with Vanya Jaferovich and Dimitar Gospodinov as a special guests,  participants in the Farm, will be able to feel like real actors in the reality show and test their strength in different challenges.

The place is in front of Orlovets sports hall. We expect families, small and grown up farmers.

Of course, there will be awards.


If you want to be a proud owner of something unique –  now you can find it. Where? At the Tourist Information Center – Opalchenska 11 Str. (behind the Dechkov House).

Come and see!


International Carving festival of laughter 3

The first edition of the Festival was held in May 2017. Conceived as the first of its kind the “Carving Festival of Laughter” gave a serious request for development and lasting presence, both in the cultural calendar of Gabrovo and in the national cultural calendar.

In its first edition the Competition attracted participants from Serbia, Macedonia and Bulgaria, won the sympathy of the audience and the high ranking of the professional jury in the composition: Elitsa Koteva, Ivan Manchev and Veselina Slavcheva.

In 2018, in the second edition of the festival, we enjoyed guests from South Korea, Romania and Serbia who were remarkable.

All of this gave us reason to start preparing the third edition of the festival even more ambitiously.

The International Carving festival of laughter 3 will be held in Gabrovo from May 17th to 19th 2019. We will have participants from Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, China, Ukraine.

Through our partnership with Creative cities in UNESCO Creative Cities Network, we have the ambition to develop the Festival and to make possible more interesting meetings between different participants and guests from all over the world.



The exhibition “MY BULGARIA – ANCIENT AND YOUNG” is presenting  the Bulgarian history, culture and lifestyle and was opened on May 11 in Terra Mall, Gabrovo.

The sugar exposition included 13 decorators from Bulgaria and abroad. Among them is the world-famous  decorator Maria Vladimirova – Ozturk.

The idea of the exhibition started in 2017. This year all participants are gathered around the idea of 24th May, Bulgarian Education and Culture Celebrations.

Pictures from the event.


Carnival Gabrovo in your hands? Is it possible? Now, yes, with the Carnival app for Android. You can downloaded it from the Google Play Store. It’s free and has all the information you may need – the Carnival program, the event map with details, carnival news, traffic information and more. The carnival parade will start on May 18th at 17:00 – download the app and enjoy it online!


 11 MAY (Saturday)

17:00 Sugar confectionary exhibition “My Bulgaria – ancient and young”
Terra Mall

13 – 17 MAY

International comedy performance festival

Drama Theatre “Racho Stoyanov” and House of Culture “Emanuil Manolov”

 16 MAY (Thursday)

18:30 Big Band parade

Open stage at “Vazrazhdane” square

17 MAY (Friday) – Gabrovo Day

09:00 Public prayer for Gabrovo welfare

The Assumption church

 9:30 Raising of the city flag

“Vazrazhdane” square

 17:30 State session of Municipal council – Gabrovo

Ritual hall of Gabrovo Municipality

 19:00 24th Gabrovo biennale of the humour and satire in art – opening and award ceremonies

Museum “House of Humour and Satire”

 20:00 D2 Band concert

Open stage at “Vazrazhdane” square

18 MAY (SATURDAY) – Carnival

10.00 National children’s festival “Smehorancheta”

“Vazrazhdane” hall

 11:00 National meeting-outtalking “BLAGOLAZH”

Museum “House of Humour and Satire” – The park of laughter

11:00 – 14:00 International Carving festival of laughter

“Vazrazhdane” Hall

 11:30 National exhibition and carnival fashion-show of cats

“Orlovets” Sports hall

 14:00 Children’s’ mini carnival

Open stage at “Radetska” street

 17:00 – 17:45 CARNIVAL PARADE – PART I


20:00 Feast of Shtirnik

Regional historical museum

 20:30 Festival concert

With the participation of: Аkagа, Bandaloop, Down Low, Tess, Turbo B

Open stage at “Vazrazhdane” square

 22:30 Fireworks

“Vazrazhdane” square

 22:45 DJ party – Filatov & Karas

Open stage at “Vazrazhdane” square

 19 MAY (Sunday)

 10:00 – 16:00 Post-carnival competition “The games of granny and grandpa” Open Air Ethnographic Museum “Etar”

 11.00 – 14.00 International Carving Festival of Laughter

“Vazrazhdane” Hall

 11:00 – 15:00 „The farm“– family show

In front of “Orlovets” Sports hall

 11:00 The baby-crow singer

State puppet theater – Gabrovo

 20:00 concert of SoulBmoll group

Open stage at “Vazrazhdane” square


Carnival day Program…..

May 19 th /Saturday/
10.00 National Children’s Festival “SMEHORANCHETA”
“Vazrazhdane” Hall
10.00 Opening  a Children Biennial 2018 “In Carnival world”
Museum “House of Humor and Satire”
11.00 Dani Belev, “QUICK HANDS Project” perform “A flying balloon stunt”
Aprilov Stadium
11.00 – 14.00  International Carving Festival of Laughter
“Vazrazhdane” hall /in front of the hall/
11.30 National exhibition  and Carnival-cat review
Orlovetz Sport Hall
13.30 – 14.30 – Firebirds /Hungary/  presents the stilt show „Stilt Walkers“
“Radetzka str., ”“Aprilov” Blvd, Park with the Bear (Gradinkata s mecheto)
14.00  Children’s Mini Carnival
Gabrovo Mall – garden
14.30 – 17.00 Carnival make-up workshops
“Vazrazhdane” hall /in front of the hall/
14.45 – Street marionette dancing show “Cabaret on Strings”.– “Soulmate”  and Georgi Gadelev
15.30 – “Steam On” –  Firebirds (Hungary) – circus show
16.15 – Cirque de la LyuLin and Diego Contreras (Venezuela)
Park with  the Bear (Gradinkata s mecheto)
Part I – Children Carnival
Route:“Vazrazhdane” Square, Skobelevska Str., the junction to the “Yoke bridge”
Intermission – 10 min.
Part II – Carnival Invasion
Route: “Aprilov” Blvd., “Vazrazhdane” Square, Skobelevska Str., “Bryanska” Str., The roundabout junction of the Consultative Polyclinic.
20.30 – 24.0019.30 – 00.00 ‘’Night in the museum’’
Regional Historical museum – Gabrovo
OPEN STAGE /“Vazrazhdane” Square/
20.30 – „JEREMY?“ – concert
22.00 – 3D mapping and illuminations
22.20 – Bobby Kimball – the very best of the rock band  “TOTO”
23.50 –  DJ party with David Penn

“MY SWEET GABROVO” Cake Collaboration & Exhibition

The exhibition “My Sweet Gabrovo” opening May 17 th , at 16.00 o’clock. 12 cake decorators will present their sweet art work at Terra Mall Gabrovo, promising an interesting, memorable and exciting event, marked by the Gabrovian humor. Mariya Vladimirova Öztürk will be our special guest. She is the creator of the famous sugar and fondant Church “St. Stefan “in Istanbul. This art work will be part of the sugar exposition from May 17th  to May 23th. The exhibition will be exposed also in Balchik as a part of a national exhibition.

Admission is free an all of you are WELCOME!


Facebook stories and Carnival frames for connoisseur.

Carnival frame. It sounds like an oxymoron, but in fact it is possible to create by your own. If you are a Facebook fan, if you are distinct, but a part of a wonderful community at the same time, if you love The Carnival and want to shout it out to the whole world,  so  our suggestion is to use frame CarnivalGabrovo2018 on your Facebook profile.
Whether you are a Gabrovian or not, we will be happy to see your Carnival frame and also you on May 19th at 18.00 p.m., the start time of the Carnival.
The program
The frame
Other option is through a profile photo on Facebook → add a framework → CarnivalGabrovo2018 with owner Gabrovo municipality.
All carnival news in one place you can find on  #CarnivalGabrovo2018. Share with your friends the upcomingarnival program and welcome to our Carnival Family, my friend!🙂